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Another portrayal of how Prufrock's self worth is lowered is through is self-depreciative nature. After a line break, Prufrock explains, "No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be." in his own life, Profrock still feels that he is not the main character, shown through his allusion to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Rather than believe his the Adonis to his someone, he believes that his simply alive to benefit others rather than himself. He additionally protests that he is "no prophet and here's no great matter." This backing his belief that he is simply ordinary and not a life that will result in changing others. This sense he has that he is not important is again a cause of his self worth being lowered. 

-Cullen Ogden

Ideas that are articulated through body paragraph format. Offers much evidence for support, and is clear through use of both giving context and follow up comment as to the effectiveness of the quote. High formal diction is mostly used. Topic sentence uses a transition to remind the reader of the thesis and redirect toward the subtopic that will be discussed.

      In the poem, The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, the poet T.S. Eliot uses the character Prufrock to illustrate that modern men have a mindset in which they are afraid of what others think of them. 
     Modern men, according to Eliot, are fearful of how they are viewed by others, and worry about being not only judged but also misunderstood. In the poem, J. Alfred Prufrock is wanting to ask a question that he is afraid to hear the answer to, and does not know how to pose it. He says, in Stanza 9, lines 7 and 8, "And how should I then presume and how should I begin?" Eliot conveys the modern man, Prufrock's hesitance by ...
     ...Prufrock, or the modern man, is not capable of blatantly blurting out what he means because of the innate fear of being misunderstood. The poet makes light of the fact that modern men are not necessarily afraid of material things such as guns or a lack of money, but that their plight is psychological, such as the fear of being judged by others. 

-Yoonjie Park
Language is in high formal diction and yet easy to follow through use of organized argumentation. A sense of control and understanding of deep implications of the poem is demonstrated.

Wordsworth is at once mesmerized by the magnificence of the urban environment. He establishes this reverence from when he first mentions the city in line 4 by expressing that "This City now doth, like a garment wear / the beauty of the morning, silent. bare." Wordsworth molds the city as a sacred environment by adding life to the inanimate city through personification. his choice to clothe the city with "The beauty of the morning" alos gives the impression that this beauty would ware off during the day and be redressed in the following morning. This conveys the sense that the city will hold its beauty eternally, but that this moment he is sharing the city is sacred nonetheless. He also expresses the city's many infrastructures as lying "open unto the fields and to the sky". Wordsworth deviates form the norm of describing the urban environment as one that causes claustrophobia and rather conveys the sense of freedom in the city through his use of "open" and "sky". he is able to find relieve in the setting itself. Through connect thing urban environment and juxtaposing it with the natural, he also touches on the fat that ...
     Wordsworth shows both his appreciate and irritation on the urban setting through his poem 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge'. His description fo the beauty of the city in the octet then his frustration in the sestet, it is obvious that he desire to remind the people of London of their ignorance for the beauty they are surrounded by. Pople have become so accustomed t the setting that they have become blind. Words worth makes light of this aspect of the human condition in which conditions bestowed upon for a long time are soon forgotten and unappreciated." 

-Hye Joon Lee
The writer takes a close look at the text to arrive at interpretation. Presentation is organized and concise. High formal diction is used, as if the writer is familiar with the use of it.

     "One of the most ironic events in literature is when two enemies are drawn together and form an alliance. Shakespeare, however, drafts the ultimate ironic alliance when in his drama, 'Much Ado About Nothing' pulls Benedick and Beatrice together to fall in love with one another beling self-proclaimed bachelors. 
     An example of the irony between Benedick and Beatrice is their stance on marriage. ..."

-Ben Kim
Nearly every sentence in Ben's essay is purposefully constructed according to the organized argumentation model. Concise and poignant.

There were several more of you that did a splendid job writing your essays. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to type them all up. =)

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