Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday, Dec. 4th


Today students took a comprehensive quiz covering the Introduction and Body Paragraphs of an analytical essay and the short story, Interpreter of Maladies. Students will be given an extra 15 minutes of the next class to complete the assignment. Additionally, only the notes that were handed in with the quiz today are available for use during the second round with the assignment.

Proposals were also handed in for the SSA. I read them over and returned them to you with a written response. If you have questions regarding my suggestions, please make an appointment to see me.


1. Bring back your annotations for Chapter 5 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor. I will check them next class and we will discuss your annotations for both 1, 2 and 5 altogether. We will also start reading Gryphon, by Charles Baxter for a last and final --- of our short story unit.

2. Prepare an outline for your analytical essay by reprinting the worksheet found on Edline (Edline -> Contents -> Short Story Unit -> Outline Extended). Complete the outline for class on Monday, Dec. 9.

3. Include the following due dates for your SSA:
          a. Peer-Edit Rough Draft due Wednesday, Dec. 11
          b. Self-Edit Rough Draft due Friday, Dec. 13
          c. Final Draft due Thursday, January 10.

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