Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 22, 2012


In class today we finished our discussion of the plot arc and the universally applicable realization. The following board shot demonstrates what was shared. 

A powerpoint on the memoir was also presented outlining the major features of the genre. These notes will come in handy for a summative quiz on the memoir genre and reading selection.


 Gr. 10 L&L - 3

 Gr. 10 L&L - 4 
Pic. 1


 Pic. 2

Homework was explained and assigned. See below for due dates.

Due August 28, 2012: 

1. Create a blog and send me the link due August 28th. Be sure your posts are either public or you've given me rights to view it. I will make random checks to see that your posts have been updated, thorough, and thoughtful and give you credit accordingly. Use this page to be creative and say the things that perhaps time in class did not allow in addition to your Independent Reading Log Updates and various prompts given in class. These will eventually be read by your classmates so feel free to expand upon ideas shared by others in class such as "I agree with Sharon in class today when she said ..." to help build your thoughts. There's more creative license with these weblogs and less emphasis on fine-tuning and mechanics. Looking forward to seeing your work! 

2. Write your proposal for the ME (memoir essay). The assignment sheet has been included in the folder labeled Memoir Unit on the Edline page, accessible here

-Mrs. Lee 

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