Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thurday, August 30, 2012

Today we started with a homework check. Students were asked to get out their laptops and watch a video on youtube that described how to annotate text. Students were to annotate along with the speaker. Simultaneously, students were  called up one by one to check that they had brought a hard copy of their Independent Reading Book which had to be a memoir, and secondly, the proposal of 150 words or more outlining both a plot line and a realization. During the one to one meetings, students were given notes by me regarding what they should keep in mind while writing their memoir, such as not to over simplify the argument by having villains turn into heroes, or including heroic protagonist at the beginning and  and ending thereby missing the element of transformation by the protagonist.


1. In the memoir unit in the Contents section of your edline page, print out a copy of "Fish Cheeks" by Amy Tan and annotate it using the suggestions made by the presenter on youtube, including the pre-reading process and in-progress reading.

2. Bring a copy of your annotated version of "Miss Brill". Annotations should be of the same "girth" as the PDF copy posted on Edline for your reference (not your copying pleasure, not that you would). =)

3a. Become of member of this website by clicking the blue button at the top right hand of this blog post.

3b. ALSO, make your blog public or at least visible to members of the class. We will get to the point where we are commenting on each other's posts. 

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