Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Using annotations made on the "Miss Brill" passage by Katherine Mansfield, students were given an open note quiz. This was corrected in class and then handed in. Afterward, students were broken into groups to discuss different topics in the text (family, relationships, food, culture, and Fishcheeks). A class discussion began and will continue next class.

Homework/Final Remarks:

1. For students who have yet to see me about their proposals, appointments should have been made to see me during a study hall or after school. These appointments must be kept. Already, I have been stood up by two students. Three strikes and you have been revoked the right to ask me for an appointment for the rest of the quarter. Additionally a letter to your parents will be sent so they are also aware why you are no longer able to receive extra help for the rest of the quarter.

2. Read the article on our Edline page entitled, How to Write a Memoir by Howard Zinsser in the American Scholar. Annotate. Bring a hard copy to class on Wednesday.

3. Complete a minimum of 400 words of your essay and bring a hard copy in for peer editing. Be sure to bring also a 5-color highlighter set or colored pencils. Your rough draft must meet the minimum word count of 400 but students will not be penalized for writing over 500 words.

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