Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday, September 17

In Class Work Day

Students may work on any of the following:
1. Memoir
2. Writing prompt from last class
3. IRB1 Reading

Read the blog from last Thursday for clarification. You may also use the time to conference with me about your memoir, if you have questions.

Side note: A wall in HS 015 has been designated the No Name Wall of Shame. If you have handed in work that does not have a name on it, it has been hung there.

Protocol to get your work back in the books?

1. Make an appointment during an Extra Help session from 3-4:00 on Thursdays.

2. Make an appointment during a different time we are both available. DO NOT STAND ME UP. This is a privilege given to students who have already once come to an Extra Help session because you have demonstrated already that you can keep appointments.

**getting your book "reconciled" is YOUR responsibility. Not mine. Additionally, if you stand me up three times or more, you have revoked your right to seek extra help for the quarter and a letter will go home to your parents notifying them.

Also, consider it your responsibility to have your laptops charged OR to have a laptop charger with you. Laptop charger stations are located in the HS lobby if ever you'd like to charge your laptop unattended in a locked environment while away at lunch or various classes. Please use this new feature at the HS to your advantage.

Homework for Wednesday, September 19: (copied from last post)

1. Turn in the Memoir Final draft in MLA format along with the Rubric (will be provided for you), self-edited copy, peer-edited copy, and proposal. You may include any additional drafts you may have been working on. The drafts serve you as a record of the amount of effort you put forth in this writing process.

2. Answer the following prompt and post it on your weblog (300 word minimum):
Santha Rau reflects at the end of the her memoir, "But I put it all happily away because it happened to a girl named Cynthia and I was never really particularly interested in her." Are you convinced of this statement?

3. Continue reading your IRB1. The book should be finished by the end of this month. Specifically, your book should be entirely read by September 28, which is coming up quickly. While reading, think about what aspect of the author's writing style you like the best (the way the author slows down the story to capture the nonverbal communication going on in the room in addition to what is actually said, the way the author uses simple colloquial language to describe yet doesn't lack in depth because the reader gets the impression there is a thoughtful process behind the words, the author's use of incoroportatin the flashback to create a history of the characters to help the reader better understand the significance of the ongoing as well as the past, ...and so on). Be able to identify a passage to a page that exemplifies the qualities you enjoyed.

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