Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday, September 21


Class was first spent taking notes on terms such as Point of View, characterization, Language ...and so forth. Students were then asked to break up into groups of three after numbering off to discuss Malcolm X's use the terms in his memoir, Hair. I came around and checked your annotations for the pre-reading process and read over your annotations. I also asked questions regarding your group's discussion as far as understanding how Malcolm X used POV, characterization, language, etc. I also asked about how and why mood was overturned in the memoir, the function of the list in the beginning of the memoir, and the reason the realization at the end was delivered at the peak moment in which Malcolm Little is looking at himself in the mirror "grinning and sweating." Next a class discussion was persued to seek an answer to whether students thought Malcolm X's anger was justified.

Students were told that the class ongoings of the day as a whole were a big hint as to what would make up the quiz. Tuesday would also serve as a quiz prep day and the quiz itself would be administered on Thursday before Chuseok.

Super Sophomores right before they beat the Juniors in Tug of War!

1. Work to complete reading your IRB, which should be completed no later than September 28th.

2. Collect your memoir study materials and review: memoir power point notes, article on How to Read a Memoir, and your annotated collection of memoirs and notes (Fish Cheeks, By Any Other Name, and Hair).

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