Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wednesday, February 13th


Last class we reviewed the research that was done for homework. We made note of what we now know of the 5 subject areas relevant to Of Mice and Men. Students will keep this note as part of their notes portfolio for our novel unit. Students should begin compiling their lecture notes and supplemental worksheets for a portfolio that will include the following:

1. Notes
2. Quizzes
3. Journals
4. Novel Study Analysis (NSA) Proposal
5. NSA Outline
6. NSA Introduction rough draft (RD 1)
7. NSA Introduction + Body 1 (RD 2)
8. NSA (RD 3) Peer Edit
9. NSA (RD 4) Individual Edit
10. NSA (RD 5) Conference Edit
11. NSA Final Draft
12. Analysis Reflection

Today we worked on the worksheet for chapter 1 worksheet after taking a quiz.

To help you with Question 3 on Chapter 1 Worksheet, refer to the word bank below. You are not limited to using just these words to describe Lennie and George.

1. Finish Chapter 1 Worksheet
2. Read chapter 2
3. your own list of idioms and vocabulary loaded phrases for chapter 2 only.
4. Optional: Write a 1 page summary of the chapter (hand written one page, typed - MLA format) if you'd like 1 point back from your quiz.

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