Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wednesday, April 10th

Dear Students,

I'm sorry I could not be there today.  In my absence, please show better manners to the sub than you would for me, as we have the pleasure of a guest today. I know polite and kind students such as yourselves will make me proud.

1. Re-read the comments on the post on Monday, April 8th pertaining to the prompt questions. If you have not yet posted a comment, do so now keeping in mind that it must be 300 words or more.

2. After having posted your comment, comment on the posts of your peers from your class or the other section. Be sure to make a thorough response by recognizing or summarizing their sentiments as you understand it AND adding another observation that perhaps the student did not make.

3. Create an exam on OMAM that has 30 questions: 10 vocab questions, 15 short story questions, of which 7 are not related to plot, and 5 sort essay questions pertaining to topics loneliness, friendship, the American Dream, racism, misogyny or the use of setting.


Any work not finished in class is homework. Work individually and use your in-class time wisely.

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