Monday, April 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 1

Happy May!


1. 5 minute Journal: Describe for a full five minute a seemingly uneventful moment or incident that you witnessed that had a profound effect on you.

2. Share with your peers.

3. Go the following google doc and create a poem form for William Carlos William's poem, To An Old Woman HERE. 

4. Musical Chairs Analyzation: open the following document and move from station to station independently and engage in conversation that pertains to the station. Complete the document found HERE in the time allotted.

5. Writing Assignment: Using high formal diction and write an outline addressing the following question. Worth: 25 points; 5 points for each well-executed section of your outline. Done in-class only. Another class period will may be allotted to give time to complete.

What arguable perspective on what topic via what situation does the poet convey through his poem? 


Watch the following video on scansion for Friday. Be able to identify the meter on an unseen poem.

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