Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd


Today we had a class discussion regarding the worksheet on Benedick and Beatrice on Love.

Question you should be prepared to answer for your final: What is striking, ironic, comedic, romantic about Beatrice/Benedick's perspectives on relationships throughout the course of the play, Much Ado About Nothing. Be sure to make close and detailed reference to the text. Also, why does the aspect Beatrice/Benedick's perspective have an affect you?

Completed worksheet with two colors of pen (one for the work completed at home, one for the extra notes you have taken in class) for points.


Statistically, you are bombarded with 5,000 ads a day. Take a picture of one that you find the most striking. Bring a hard copy of it on Friday.

Students who have yet to take the Scansion Quiz:

Section 3:
Craig (A2)
Daniel Lee
Tommie (A2)

Section 4:
Daniel Choi
Brian Oh

Students who need to turn in a completed Benedick and Beatrice on Love worksheet: 

Section 3: 
Brian Lee
William Paek
Brian Rhee

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